Eileen Siobhan Collins

"The Gardener"
acrylic on canvas

Artist Statement

I enter my studio daily with both trepidation and the intense desire to make something new. Often I make things that do not meet my original intentions, but persistently invite me back to experience the synchronistic unity that happens when diverse elements come together in an unanticipated way. My work is inspired by the subtle relationships of color, line and proportion that evoke a feeling of something nonverbal, but also express the observed order and beauty of nature and the built environment.

Learning to be lost is the essence of my process and it is what I would describe as the wonderful mystery of art-making. Not knowing is where I begin. The creative process invites me to change and grow, it parallels all of the dynamics of life and what I love. Choosing a particular color or a shape is all I need to begin. I am particularly inspired by patterns, color, movement and line and how they establish spatial relationships that reflect an alternative, yet somehow authentic reality.

My favorite art quote: “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” —Thomas Merton